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The meaning behind the merch

The new Global Gemz clothing merchandise range means so much more to our brand than just the designs, the fit, or even the fashion statement. The clothing represents a way for us to help bring together a community of like-minded people, who value travel on a much deeper level than your average holiday maker. Yes, it is our goal to see the Global Gemz logo being proudly worn, in some of the most amazing locations around the world, but far more important to us is that the brand stands for something for the people who choose to wear the Gem on their chest. We want it known that these are the people who passionately embrace new cultures, new surroundings, and new ways of looking at the incredible world around us. 



At the core of our brand values is the belief that nothing in this life ENRICHES THE SOUL in the same way that travel does, and for this reason our mission will forever be to try and inspire a community to travel more, and to travel further!



We hope to see you wearing the ‘Gem’ soon... hit up the Merchandise tab to shop now!


Team GG :)



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