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Five summer music festivals in Europe you probably don't know about...?

Thanks to our friend and founder of fashion brand Bambis Den, Leren Connor, we recently had the pleasure of having our Instagram story takeover series come from a music festival in Bulgaria which we'd never previously heard of, called Meadows in the Mountains (check out our blog and Instagram Bulgaria story to see more about this festival). The festival by all accounts was an incredible experience for Leren and this got us thinking...what other festivals around Europe might many of us be completely oblivious to and therefore missing out on big time!? We've put together a brief low down on five lesser known summer music festivals across Europe which you probably don't know about, and what's even better is that these festivals are yet to take place! So if your still looking to get your festival vibe on, or just want another adventure this summer that isn't so "bait" then we may be able to help...


Mandrea Festival, Italy (14th August – 20th August)

Now coming in to its 7th edition for 2018, Mandrea Festival takes you to the insanely beautiful foothills of the Italian Alps on Lake Garda. Expect to hear varying music genres from around the world including dancehall, reggae, afro beats, and a selection of the most vibrant performers from the UK festival scene. The music however is just one element that makes Madrea what it is, and whilst immersed in glorious nature there are many daytime activities to get involved in, such as climbing, canoeing, mountain biking and yoga, to name but a few. Mandrea operates a green policy in which you pay $1 deposit to use a single cup for the whole festival…so if these kind of community values put a smile on your face, and you’re a lover of the great outdoors, then this is one festival you should seriously consider as part of your summer expeditions.




Into the Valley, Spain (28th September – 30th September)

Into the Valley may have begun its journey in Sweden across 2015 and 2016, but in 2017 the festival relocated to Estonia, and now in 2018 it has another new home in Fuengirola, Spain. During this period the festival has stayed true to seeking out unique locations no matter the country, these have included a quarry, an abandoned prison, and this summer the event will be hosted in a castle which lies on the Spanish coastline. Expect to hear great a line-up of some the best underground DJ’s and producers in electronic music and house, with previous performers including the likes of Richie Hawtin, Tale of Us, Dixon, Nina Kraviz. There’s no telling where the festival may decide to move to next year, and so this should make for extra incentive to get out there and experience Into the Valley 2018!  




Wilde Möhre Festival, Germany (9th August – 13th August) 

Many festivals place a huge importance on trying to bring together that feeling of community spirit, but arguably non-more so than Wilde Möhre Festival in Berlin, Germany. The name alone is inspired by the Wilde Möhre plant due to its structure of many small parts creating a whole…the essence of community. The festival certainly offers more than just a musical element, with specified areas giving the opportunity to discover more about aspects in science, spoken word, the environment, film and theatre. When it comes to the music however, don’t expect to be hearing the names of major headliners, but do expect to hear a huge variety of genres ranging from hip-hop through indie, pop to ska, and Klezmer. If you prefer to live your life by a holistic approach, then it’s pretty certain you will quickly fall in love with this festival.




Forbidden Forest, UK (8th September)

Forbidden Forest is only in its 3rd year but its popularity is growing rapidly after five extremely successful festival dates. Unlike most, this festival is held over just one day at both the beginning and the end of the summer months, meaning you get two bites at the cherry! The festival was born as a passionate response to what was felt to be a stagnation of the dance music festival and clubbing scene in the UK. Created by a group of rave enthusiasts, you won’t be surprised to hear that the sounds include all the many sub genres of house music, as well as drum and bass, and grime, from some of the UK’s leading DJ’s and artists…and all whilst immersing yourself in the beauty of nature. The September 2018 addition will be the first to be held at its new location, which promises to be pretty special if the first forest setup is anything to go by!  




KaZantip Festival, Russia (TBA but usually end of July/August)

Be you, be happy, have fun and enjoy life – KaZantip festivals most important rule! The festival is governed by its self-proclaimed ministers of happiness, dance, rave, intellect, visuals and illusions, and refers to any place outside of their grounds as the “imperfect world”. This festival definitely has a cult following and sees itself as an opportunity to escape the limitations and problems of the real world, whilst listening to great music and pushing adrenaline into your veins through its pro X-sports facilities. Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, KaZantip attracts festival goers from all over Europe to enjoy the thrill of dance music and pure X-sports fun in their one of a kind X-playground. Pro athletes can also compete for prize money at the X-games…but don’t worry for those who just prefer to chill as this is also a very valid option given your stunning surroundings.



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