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Diversity Champions Award

Last summer the Global Gemz team were asked to work alongside the University of Manchester as part of the Diversity Champions Project (Diversity Champions blog). After the hugely successful trip to Krakow in Poland, this group of inspiring young people were able to spread their knowledge of diversity and awareness throughout secondary schools across Manchester. For the original cohort, 2018 concluded with a presentation evening at The University of Manchester, during which time the young people spoke on the impact of their experiences as Diversity Champions throughout the past year. We felt extremely grateful to have been given the responsibility of producing the footage necessary to capture the power of this amazing project, and so we honoured to then receive an award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ at the end of the presentation evening.



In March of this year, the 2018 Diversity Champions were privileged to be invited to speak at the Houses of Parliament as part of the Commemoration of the European Day of the Righteous. The day was to honour the deeds of Polish people who risked their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust, and to look at the lessons that can be learned from them. The Diversity Champions were firstly given the opportunity to enjoy some of the sights of London, and it was important to celebrate and enjoy the final time they would all officially be together as a group! Their achievements were acknowledged at the Houses of Parliament by the likes of Arkady Rzegocki, the Ambassador of Poland to the UK, and The Lord Maurice Glasman, Professor of Holocaust studies. The Diversity Champions spoke of their trip to Krakow and how the programme had equipped them with the skills to act as active bystanders in todays society.




In 2019 the project is going from strength to strength! There are a fresh cohort of Diversity Champions taking up the mantle for the year ahead and they are also being supported by a number of last year’s alumni. The project will again take the young people out to Poland, however this year they will spend time in both Warsaw and Krakow for an extended 7 days. The best news is…Global Gemz has been summoned back for a second year to work as the media team, and we couldn’t be more excited! Last year we had been fresh out to the filming locations in Poland without any real idea of what to expect, so in order to make sure this year we could do it bigger and better, we were invited out as part of project team to pre-plan for the main event in August.



The pre-planning trip itself was such a great experience, firstly because of the awesome, super interesting people we get to work with, who range from project leaders, historians and rights activists, to tour guides, teachers and authors. Secondly the trip gave us the opportunity to assess the locations in which we would be filming, and really get a feel for what was wanted from this year’s production. The task will be for us to create more of documentary style video, and really showcase the knowledge which is gained by young people when they are given the opportunity to be a part of a project such as this. Education gained through travel is something we are very passionate about, so to be able to work in this type of environment with such enthusiastic young people is extremely rewarding for us.



Check out the socials to take a closer look at what the Diversity Champions will be doing between now and the trip to Poland in August…

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